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Nikon KeyMission 360 review: Better than the Gear 360?

Pros: Great picture and video quality, Waterproof and shockproof
Cons: Infuriating app, Very few settings, Expensive
Verdict: Nikon KeyMission 360: Nikon sets its sights on VR with its KeyMission 360 camera, but does it impress?

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8 months ago
Verdict: Up until now brands like GoPro, Olympus and Ricoh have dominated the action cam market, but it's a pie that Nikon obviously want a part of with the launch of its highly anticipated KeyMission range.
9 months ago

Nikon KeyMission 360

Verdict: The Nikon KeyMission 360 is one of the three action cameras that Nikon have launched alongside the KeyMission 170 and the KeyMission 80. As the name suggests, its key feature is that it can record 360 degree photos and videos.

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9 months ago

Nikon KeyMission 360

Pros: Video instantly compatible with YouTube/Facebook, Replaceable lens covers, Waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, Removeable battery
Cons: Accidental recording, Gets hot, Puzzling still image capture, Unreliable and frustrating app
Verdict: With its KeyMission range, Nikon has moved away from its still image camera heritage and moved into action camera territory, arguably arriving somewhat late to the party with its KeyMission 80 and KeyMission 170 cameras. But the company hasn't been quite so tardy with its KeyMission 360 VR camera.

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12 months ago

Nikon KeyMission 360

Pros: Pre-stitched 360-degree 4K video. 29MP still capture. Waterproof to 100 feet. Wi-Fi remote control. Electronic vibration reduction. Mac and Windows desktop software
Cons: Doesn't double as a traditional action cam. Seams visible at close distances. Short battery life. Huge file sizes. 4K resolution at 24fps only. No mic input. Mounts aren't GoPro compatible
Verdict: The Nikon KeyMission 360 ($499.95) does a lot of things right, but it also does a few things wrong. It's the easiest 360-degree video camera to use-the footage is ready for upload to the Web right off the memory card, without the need to any time-intensive conversion process-and it's waterproof to...

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1 year ago
PC Magazine

Nikon KeyMission 360 Review

Verdict: Today, many of the major electronic tech companies such as HTC, Sony and Garmin have all released several versions of handheld action cameras. Most recently, Nikon, one of the most respected names in the high end camera industry, has released a line of action cams designed to compete with the best...

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1 year ago
Nerd Techy


Verdict: I bought one right when it came out, took days to get it to work, worked for 1 day, never connected again. Returned for a new one, new one has never connected... Do I ask for my money back now? I have all the accessories and batteries anyone would ever need, but nothing in packaging....

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7 months ago
B&H Photo


Verdict: This product does not work don't buy it .... IT DOES NOT SINK WITH YOU IPHONE OR YOUR COMPUTER ... AND JUST WHEN YOU NEED IT THE MOST TECH SUPPORT IS EXTREMELY POOR or just not there.. The software for this 360 is does not work and this leaves you with a paperweight. STAY AWAY.

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8 months ago
JB Hi-Fi

Very solid little camera with Nikon quality!

Pros: Very rugged. Very good image quality
Cons: The software still needs some help. Mounts incompatible with other action cameras, ie. GoPro. Terrible! These mounts are also very expensive
Verdict: A little worried based on past reviews, but so far, so good. To date, I have had no issues with the Nikon software. It does, however, seem a bit more complex to use vs. software for similar cameras. The camera itself possesses all the quality you would expect from Nikon.

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10 months ago

Hardware is great. Software is okay getting better.

Verdict: Hardware is tough feels like a well designed product. Easy to use. Top button records video. Side button takes a photo. Auto shutdown. Nice. Software though, whomever Nikon has employed to write their app software needs to be smacked on the head. Software phone app when released was definitely beta.

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11 months ago

Not mature yet... software issues.

Verdict: Camera:1. KeyMission 360 doesn't know which out of 2 cameras is the front. 2. KeyMission 360 doesn't know which is up.3. Beeps when recording, doesn't beep when you turn it off. (no one should take off mask in a paintball game), Should have different beeps: on, off, not sync'd.4.
1 year ago

NIKON KeyMission 360 Action Camcorder - Black

Pros: Waterproof
Cons: Stitching is poor

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1 year ago

Great camera if you're interested in 360 shots and not too fussed about spending a little extra on editing software.

Pros: Compact, Build quality, Battery life
Verdict: Hardware is perfect, easy to understand with only two buttons, a side compartment (for microSD, wifi & battery) and underwater lens caps. Image quality is pretty good, bear in mind that 4k resolution is spread over the whole 360 view so quality isn't going to be as high as other 4k cameras on the...

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1 year ago
Verdict: I'm a owner of a Theta S camera before this. So when I bought this I was hoping it offer same stitching like in the Theta with very little stiching error but because of the gap between the 2 lens it have a higher stitching error than the Theta S.

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1 year ago
Verdict: Device is a failure. Connect to device via wifi and disconnects, disconnects, disconnects....... I'd I give a negative if I could.

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1 year ago
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